PHP: Unexpected behaviour in nested array

It’s a trap!

Let me first show you some code at the beginning.

Guess what it will print?  [["Hi"]] ?


Wrong. It remains  [[]].

Where it begins with

It is a piece modified code of my project. It surprises me that  $aVeryLongNameWhichHoldANestedArray doesn’t change. Isn’t $shortHand  suppose to be a reference to the element instead of a copy?

Let me show you the same piece of code to you written in Javascript and Ruby.

In Javascript and Ruby,  aVeryLongNameWhichHoldANestedArray is  [["Hi"]], which to me is a lot more reasonable.

Let’s take a look at something similar

So now, what will it print? It often surprises you again. It prints  [stdClass Object([hi] => Hi)].

Pitfalls of languages

No programming language is perfect when it applies to software engineering. Even C has some pitfalls after carefully standardised by ANSI. The fallthrough switch is one of them, which is considered a feature during standardisation, but it isn’t used most of the time – programmers just auto insert breaks after each case. Unluckily, PHP inherits that too.

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