Using GitHub for Mac/Windows as a GUI client

I always have a uneasy moment viewing Git diff and logs in the terminals. It’s not easy to navigate to different check-ins since you have to copy and paste the check-in hashes. Recently I reached to the almighty Google god and seek for solution.

GitHub for Mac/Windows

GitHub for Mac/Windows is a GUI Git management tools developed by GitHub, obviously. It doesn’t only allow you to examine your GitHub repositories but also your local repositories.

GitHub for Mac


The UI is neat. Almost everyone can pick up immediately. I suggest you to try it out if you use Git for your projects.


GitHub for Mac
GitHub for Windows


Head First Design Patterns


Head First Design Patterns is a light weight introduction to object oriented design patterns. It approaches each design patterns with different perspectives and compares them to each others.

However, just like another book in the Head First series, this book contains tedious exercises and not-so-funny cartoons which I would normally skip through. Those parts make up 40% of the book which is quite annoying.


Nevertheless, if these don’t bother you, it will still serve your needs to dive into the world of design patterns.

Edit: Some readers misunderstood me. I don’t really¬†hate the book, but it would be much better if the editor can improve the exercises and the way they the story. Other than that, I still think HFDP is a great book that can guide you into design patterns step by step.