It’s time to write again

Long time no see.

Really, it’s been a long time since I wrote on this blog last time. I’m still in the software engineering field and has exposed a lot more in performance and parallel computing, cloud and big data since I’ve been working in the bioinformatics field.

I have also invested a lot of time in Hearthstone, a digital card game published by Blizzard – from a casual player to a competitive player, then to the National Champion of China. I tried streaming, commentating in tournaments and now organizing tournaments and events with my local company XGamer. I will put the link here so you can go check it out. It’s in Chinese though.¬†

Just a few months ago, I consulted for a sneaker app business in mainland China. The consultation was very fruitful and I found myself suitable in such position. I’d love to so more consult in the future and I think going back to my blog would be a good start.

So here I am. I will be writing something soon. I have just tried Unity the game engine so maybe I will write a little bit about that. That should be fun.

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