Unity Tutorial Review (Part 1)

Finally, here it is. After spending about 5 hours on Unity to learn about its basics, I went through 3 tutorial projects – the interactive tutorials, the roll-a-ball tutorial and the survival shooter tutorial. I must say that Unity is totally better than what I expected. Unity is intrinsically easy to use due to its design, has a lot of resources for learning and creating your game. It is a fun experience to learn Unity in my spare time.

Fun and Practical Tutorials

The learning process of Unity is a lot more fun and easier when compared to other game engines. I have experience in several game engines such as “GameEngine”, “Microsoft XNA”, “Unreal Engine” and “RPG Maker”. None of them provides a learning experience as fun as Unity.

The “Interactive Tutorials” in Unity provides a scenario where you want to control the character in a game, move it from start point to the exit point, but you cannot make it just in the play mode since the game is broken. You have to edit the stage properly in order to finish the stage.

For example in one stage, there’s a deadly laser blocking the path. You want to press a button to drop the box, but the box wouldn’t drop because it lacked a component called “RigidBody”. I had to add the component and set it properly so that it can drop down and block the laser.

The whole experience is like solving a puzzle. It’s like inception where in order to complete the stage, you have to go one level deeper, to the Unity, fix something, then come back to the game to finish it.

The interactive tutorial helps you to get familiar with the editor and the component design of Unity. It teaches you pretty basic stuff and gets you prepared for the following tutorials.

Let’s talk about the 2 others tutorial next time.

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